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Re: Capping
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Dear DD4life,
            Many thanks fr the clarification. I WAS going to apply my Beeswax/Olive oil Lube. They seem to have a re-bated heel groove, and I tentatively sat one on the muzzle of the rifle, and the end slipped in so easily, I was for a second a little scared that it might go in too far for me to get it back out!However it did stop as soon as the next band got to the muzzle!  I believe I will lube the grooves by hand, and I WILL be Generous!  I have hardly touched the Bag of Beeswax Pellets that Ana got me from AMAZON, about two years ago.  With ten grans of Goex, plus a crushed Pyrodex Pellet, there isn't a whole lot of room left for an OTB lube, but it works beautifully, and I have tried just putting a dry patch down the barrel, without pouring hot water through them first, and the bore has come up really nice.  Just in Case I DO pour hot water first, down each barrel. Then sometimes just one patch is sufficient, and occasionally two. Result a mirror bright bore!  The batch of lube I made up about two years ago, made half a standard sized Coffee mug of lube.  I still have a third of a mug left!  The 50% X 50% lube is firm enough, so that not melt, not even the heat of an Arizona Summer will cause it to melt when carried in a holster.(Under my left armpit!) and when the Revolver is shot, none of the lube from adjacent chambers is disturbed!
            You doubtless have your own "Tried & True method's, but my method of getting exactly 50% of each ingredient, was to first melt a certain amount of the beeswax beads in the Microwave, IN A GLASS THAT HAD PERPENDICULAR SIDES! I then took the melted beeswax out of the microwave, made a note of exactly where the level came to,and poured an exactly equal amount of Olive Oil. Then with a long Iced Teaspoon, I stirred well, and re-heated for a while! Poured in the coffee mug, and allowed to cool! WORKS A TREAT!  Those flat sided Lolly sticks, with the rounded ends are the PERFECT tool for digging the stuff out of the mug, and pressing the required amount into the ends of the chambers!  I started off just Using my fingers, but that was a bit Ickey!  (I REALLY hate getting my fingers all greasy!)  I pack the lube in until it is about flush with the flat end of the cylinder, then put a paper towel on a flat surface, and pressng he cylinder downward, I slide it across the towel which gives me a very neat looking business end to the cylnider!  The lube is robust enough to allow all the lube in adjacent chambers to remain in place when the shots are fired!  Completely UNlike Crisco, where the very first round fired, blows ALL the lube from all six chambers! Captan Kirk tried this stuff once, and said the gun became very slippery all over! So leave Crisco in the kitchen of Loretta Lynne!  She's always advertising the stuff!  The only part of my guns that gets a little greasy when fired, is the part of the frame directly in front, of the lower chambers of the cylinder. The part that houses the Rammer. Directly UNDER the forcing cone.  Some lube DOES get blown into the front end of the Base pin, which does help in cylinder removal!.
            Time to check on the dog.  Her tummy has been a little upset for the last few days, and I HATE cleaning Carpets!
All the Very Best Wishes to you!
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