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Re: Home Brewed .31 cal pistol
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In regards to the American .303  was a .303 Savage. Very misleading. Actually .308 and quite a bit shorter. Buddy had a .303 Brit and accidentally got some .303 Savage and ran them through the Brit. Only damage was split cases...
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Re: Home Brewed .31 cal pistol
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Dear Friends,
            D.P. in regard to British Military Firearms, means Drill Purpose!  In short, they are okay to throw around on the parade ground, and for teachig recruits to order and slop arms, but they are usually de-activated by a sectin cut fron the lower half of the barrel, just about where you would put your left hand if firing on a range.  So since the .303 Brit.Developes a pressure of 19 tons per square inch, you would probably get a lot of splinters blown into that left hand!  Some may have gotten through without having this done, especially if they were brought over here before being condemned.  I have had two of them, and the rifle is exceptionally accurate.  I believe I is still used by some competitors in Britains Annual "Queens Prize Shoot at Bisley, in Surrey.
            The course of fire for this event goes from 200 yards to 1000 yards. I believe the bullseye at 1000 yards is six feet across. When Queen Victoria opened Bisley's first range, she pulled a silken cord attached to a rifle held down on a solid base by cords stretched across the rifle, and weighted at both ends by Cannon Balls.  The rifle had been sighted in by an officer, and when the Queen pulled the cord, the rifle fired, and there was much applause when it was announced a few moments later, that Her Majesty, had scored a Bullseye at 1000 yards.
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