Author Topic: NAA 22mag C&B cylinder cutaway view  (Read 9704 times)

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Re: NAA 22mag C&B cylinder cutaway view
« Reply #15 on: May 23, 2015, 12:29:01 PM »
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Re: NAA 22mag C&B cylinder cutaway view
« Reply #16 on: August 06, 2016, 02:23:16 PM »
Had some free time today. Doesn't happen often. Pulled out Earl (NAA's BP 22magnum offering) and tested some more cap types. Finally got the nerve to try Trail Boss. Look, TB is technically a smokeless, but a wimpy smokeless for shooting cases in BP guns.  .3cc of BP is called for in the NAA 22mag Earl, so .3cc of TB went into the chamber. Don gloves, glasses, face shield, and about 4 inches thick safety blanket over hands, arms.  Shoot the NAA-issued 30gr bullet, seated to the depth ring.  Aim 2 feet away to a stack of 2x3s, expecting some decent penetration.

Pull trigger.


The bullet dented the pine, bounced back, and tapped the top of the face shield.

Trail Boss filled to capacity in the Earl is a gallery load.

I switched to 22cal pellets over full load of Trail Boss (.3cc) and shot at a capped but empty San Pellegrino quart plastic bottle.  That's a drop from 30gr to 17gr lead, so velocity probably rose, but ft lbs of terminal energy was just barely enough to knock over the empty plastic bottle.  The plastic didn't even get dinged. The pellet would scratch the label, but not otherwise harm anything.

I felt kinda stupid dressed like a crash test dummy to protect myself from a pea shooter, but at least I didn't go unprotected against a blowed-up gun.

You'll have to think back after each shot ... "Was there any recoil at all?"  I'm pretty sure I never lost the sight picture and could see the bottle fall on each shot while holding the front sight on the bottle.

BP and Trail Boss are no threat whatsoever to Earl.  Not even worth running through a chronograph.
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