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Remington 45 Caliber Centerfire Cartridge
« on: February 17, 2021, 06:15:04 AM »
Hey Guys,

I was reading Dennis Adler's book, Guns of the American West, when I came across this reference.

"The same basic design was used for Later models chambered to the new
.44 caliber Martin centerfire and Remington .45 caliber centerfire cartridges."

What is the Remington .45 caliber centerfire cartridge?
Is this a typo for the Remington .44 caliber centerfire?

I figured it out, it was the 45 Colt Cartridge.
According to "A Study of Colt Conversions and other Percussion Revolvers" by R. Bruce McDowell,
in Chapter 3 (Remington Conversions).
Below are the 3 Factory Conversion's which Remington preformed on the New Model Army,
it says the 45 caliber was done later on.
Here I thought 46 was the only big one they did.

Thanks, AntiqueSledMan.
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