Author Topic: original Starr S/A 44cal ball size  (Read 45 times)

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original Starr S/A 44cal ball size
« on: March 23, 2020, 04:52:36 PM »
Friends I shoot a few original Remingtons and love em. I also just got a Starr original S/A 44cal. and want to know ball size. It seems to want a 457 which is close to old 45's . The rem 454's fall out of cylinder but go half way or 1/3 into muzzle with no force. Can a smaller ball be patched up and sent down the barrel as it is tighter than the cylinder. It is in good shape but I need info regarding ammo size. Any help . I do love my Rem.s I even have one of the New Jersey 1000 that were made and shoot it.