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Why are there posts that are blank?

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I see that in many message threads on this forum, there are posts where ALL the text is missing,   I just see an empty post or reply.   I know that there was something there at one time, because I see replies to those posts.   However, even the quoted text boxes have no text in them.   Is it just me, or has the text of these messages really been deleted?

Well that sucks. It has to be a database issue.  Do you have an example or two?

I will investigate it, but I am not confident  that anything can be done.

Hi Smokey,
I have seen this in many threads.   Here is one example thread:

Some, but not all, of the posts from the thread starter (Racing) and NecessaryEvil are completely blank.  Here are the reply numbers that show up on my computer as empty:
Reply numbers 3,9,11,14,33,36,38,48.

Here is a screen shot of a couple of posts with missing text from Racing:

Thank you. I will see what can be done about it

Thank you Smokey.   After I started this thread, I discovered the "Forum Issues" sub-forum category.  Maybe this thread should be moved over to that location?


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