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This message is being sent to everyone by email and PM. Please save it in your email.

If you find that you can access none of our black powder forums, and it is likely that it is a result of you being banned on our server due to repeated login attempts.

If this happens to you, it will appear as if all of the forums are offline. The page will not load or will show a timed out message.

This is on the hosting level, it is not an action of mine nor is it a result of an automated forum function.

At this point, if you will contact me at

Before calling, please visit this site
and provide your IP which will be displayed hereā€¦

or just enter "IP check" into Google, Yahoo or whatever search engine you use, and your IP will be displayed.

In other words, your IP is needed to resolve the access issue. User names or email addresses are no help.

 I just found out about the problem.

I am sorry if this happened to you. If you will contact me with your IP address I will resolve the problem.

I am considering whether to change host or whether to upgrade to another server with our current host.

As frustrating as this problem is, I can understand the reason for such security measures.

On Father's Day 2010, my hosting account was hacked and the newly created Black Powder Smoke Forum was lost.

There was a second attempt on Father's Day 2011. They did not succeed this time but they did bring our entire server and everyone's websites on it  down.

This was done by a brute force attack which was achieved by repeated attempts to  log into the forum. It would not have happened if our hosting company would have had the security measures in place that our current hosting company employs.These measures are in place to protect our server and all of the websites on it.

Again, this is an aggravation that should not be happening, but our host is trying to protect their business and its clients.

Thank you,

Never logging out should erase that problem.


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