Author Topic: The things I haave tested with myy ASM's (3) and my new Pietta.  (Read 458 times)

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At 10 yards all 4 would shoot the center out of a standard pistol target. At 15 yards the first 3 were centered then the cylinder got tighter and shots spread. At 25 and 50 yards I was lucky to hit the side of out backing hill! Soooooo I asked for help from my mentor, Doug Knoell, who has shot black powder for 50 years or so. Here are what he said to try and how they worked.
- Powder load in grains: 20, 25, 28 and 30. 28 worked best(his load)
- Wad or Cream of Wheat or nothing. Nothing worked best it seemed (his idea). There are actually wad spots on the 15 yard target!
- Bore to cylinder alignment: I used a trimmed wood dowel with some of my wife's red lipstick rubbed into the stick, all 4 guns had exact alignment!
- Projectile: Round ball and both of the "conicals" after molding my own. Due to 1 in 28 twist I used round balls.
- Bullet lube and cylinder sealer: I tried Bore Butter but after two shots it ran like crazy. I now use Doug Knoell's long range bullet  that has won many championships!
- Keep fouling soft: I blow down the barrel after every shot even though the barrel is HOT!
- Barrel work: I rented the taper cutter and did all 4 of the forcing cones and faced the cylinder to allow 0.006 clearance between cylinder/barrel when hammer is pressed down hard on nipple. Only ONE gun had any clearance which is what causes the cylinder to turn so hard.

So far the target scores have gotten way, way better at 15 and 25 yards so maybe I won't be last any longer!!!!! I do have trouble holding the pistols as my strength has not fully got back from my cancer surgery and 2 months of radiation but thing are better!

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Re: The things I haave tested with myy ASM's (3) and my new Pietta.
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Good report. Trying different things and finding what works best is part of the fun.