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The migration of Colt Country and the rest of the websites is about to begin. Our new hosting company is handling the transfer, so I do not know the cut off point.
Once the migration begins, any posts will be lost. We lost almost 2 days posting on the 1858 forum.
Uploaded images and avatars may not display afterwards. If this happens, I will likely be able to resolve it, but it is a time consuming process. First in line for this type of restoration is 1858 forum.
I will post here and there that it is safe to post without fear of loss once the transfer is complete. It will be in about 24 hours.

I have just been informed by tech support that they are about to begin. Any posting on Colt Country will likely be lost. I will post notifications  when it is done.

Migration update:
I have been told by our host that is will be longer than 24 hours before the migration is complete.
My understanding is the database has been backed up for the transfer. Any posts made after  yesterday, Monday August 14 3:30pm EST will be lost.

BlackPowderSmoke is on our new server. I suspect our images are not displaying. Please report any issues.

SGs Old Coots Den and Privy is gone. The database was corrupt and could not be transfered.


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