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m/1854 or..yeah well..
« on: June 23, 2019, 02:29:50 PM »
So this old Swedish armed forces boom stick shows up at a mere 150 bux approx on our local Craig.
Thought to myself,why not...worn or not.
Thing being that these have a rep for being real hard hitters being of 18mm caliber to use a 650-700 grain slug backed by 90grains of black.  {:(

Yeah well. Got one of those since previously,the m/1851 for the Swedish navy. The "chamber loader",albeit the 1851 is of a mere 16mm caliber (0,63")

What showed up at my door step..at first i didn´t realize this was an 1854 but thought it was an earlier smooth bore. My bad.

For whatever reason though the muzzle..someone had turned a steel plug and welded it in there,just..that plug had an approx 6mm hole in it.?
You tell me...
We´ve been debating if this might have been converted into a props gun. Ya know,theater and what not.. The lock was def not left stock but was a mish-mash of all sorts of parts.

Barrel i tossed into the lathe. Cut the weld out and then rammed the plug out with a long stainless rod and..lo n behold. Rifling!  _l
Thus..i talked it over with friend Anders Lindkvist and we agreed on that this was a cut down m/1854.

What IS an m/1854 then?
Well. In essence it is the m/1845. Iow a regulation rifle.. What the armed forces did was dig them -45´s out of storage and rifled them.
As such therefore the two rifles share lock,which of course made the whole thing of scavenging a complete lock way simpler.

Indeed i ran into one of the two types of lock for it,the one on there..fugedaboutit.. No matter. The two different locks,albeit told to be the same part..is not.
The one ON the actual rifle was from Eskilstuna here in Sweden and the other from Huskvarna. The spare one i picked up..a Huskvarna unit.
That..mandated a bit of inletting and fitting.

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Re: m/1854 or..yeah well..
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2019, 02:40:21 PM »
The seller must have been completely clueless.
No matter.
This IS an m/1854 no doubt,which kind of ups the ante a bit.

Sry to say someone had "sporterized" the thing way back and then someone in turn had "duffel cut" the thing just to have the same piece replaced by someone later on!  Uh....
Doing so these morons had drilled and tapped two holes to make the forestock stay in place. Just,they drilled right through the barrel and tapped for them two brass screws!!  {:(
So what i did was relieve them holes,then turn two bungs out of steel that i brazed in place..and as such the barrel was gas tight again.
Friggin idiots..

That´s not all though. Somewhere along the line someone replaced the mainspring. This mainspring being of deeper profile,they solved that by simply taking a die grinder to the barrel.
Shootable still?
Hell yeah,so what i did was weld that part up again..and ready to go.

Yeah. We were getting somewhere here...good enough.

Yeah. Third pic there is of that plug they had welded into the barrel.

Nipple was shot and the dimensions for them things are ample. So..took to making one myself out of Swedish SIS2241 stainless.

At that state i opted to braze sights on there from a Chassepot that i had laying around surplus. The gun lacked any and all sights and the chances for running into a stock setup...nope. Ain´t gonna happen.

Then fluke strikes.
I run into yet another add,this time for old scopes. A bag full of them. 20pcs to be more exact and seeing that..to hell with it. This "bastard" of a gun will never win any prizes anyways why shooting it and being as accurate as can be is what´s it about i guess.
So this old fixed small 4x scope and a homebrew scope base did it.

The hammer that was part of that 1854 lock though had certainly seen better days. Had a couple of locks around for m/1865...so the center of the -54 hammer i welded up vs the -65 hammer in itself.
Worked great.

Remains to go try the thing out... But if nothing else here´s an old permit exempt smoke pole of ample caliber..that´s a shooter again if there ever was one.
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Re: m/1854 or..yeah well..
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2019, 02:42:59 PM »
The stock for these things are out of beechwood.
That duffle cut n up though..looks like crap as they´ve used either pine or fir. Dunno which and it´d be a real feat if i could dig some 40mm+ diameter beechwood up..to replace that.
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Re: m/1854 or..yeah well..
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2019, 04:50:03 PM »
So the day came for "proof shooting" this thing.
Only had a few slugs around..

That said. This thing is a MONSTER!  {:(
It packs a bit of whallop alright,make no mistake. However,it is not a rifle for me so i´ve put it up for sale at a reasonable rate...will see where that ends up.

A shooter it certainly is though. Clear as day,and that scope indeed DOES make for quite a difference.
One rather hard hitting smokepole. I´ll tell ya that much. Cause..DAMN!  (k-
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