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first kirst
« on: April 22, 2018, 08:23:07 PM »
I shot my first match with my new kirst konversions in my stainless 5.5" 1858 remingtons... both of them over spun the cylinder on the second chamber and only went "click" instead of "bang!" ended up with one miss on the first stage even though 2 rounds failed to fire (stage allowed for a make up on one target with the shotgun) looking at the rounds it was clear to see that the firing pin was hitting off center, one round had a ding right in the headstamp!!!

 I discovered that if I ran the hammers too fast and too hard they would both over travel the cylinder, both guns on the second chamber (don't know whats with that second chamber) so I decided to shoot one handed duelist (figuring if I cocked the gun with my shooting hand I couldn't over run the guns) and finished the match with just one other miss and only one FTF which clearly also had an out of battery ding on it...

 I got home, after telling my fiancĂ© I was going to "sell these pieces of $&@! and buy a pair of 75's!!!"


But... cooler head prevailing, I took them apart, checked the depth and width of the cylinder notches and the depth and width of the bolt and discovered on both cylinders the second chamber bolt notch was exactly the same width as the bolt... so I got out the trusty ole dremmel tool and took a few thousandths off, reassembled them and they lock up nice and tight now!!! no matter how hard I flip that hammer, neither gun will over travel anymore!!!

 next time I make major modifications to a gun, i'll run some serious range time before I go shooting a match with it!!! I didn't get but 10 rounds down range out of either of them pistols due to long hours and screwy shifts at work...

 all in all though, I am quite happy with how they worked! I love my remingtons!!!

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