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$550 Howdah
« on: April 25, 2016, 09:35:11 AM »
Fer those folks a-wanting (a lustin-after one, maybe?-) Cabelas put their 20 gauge howdahs on sale fer $ 550. Let ta a-hating on me commence (yeah, I know - I'm a-hating on me being broke all the time too!)!

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Re: $550 Howdah
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2016, 12:08:53 PM »
Isn't that a bit expensive ?

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Re: $550 Howdah
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2016, 03:52:29 PM »
 Yeah, but it's cheaper than normal. I've held one & examined it, pretty nice. The whole kit & caboodle, wood case, bullet mold, shoulder stock & other accoutrements is like 1100-1200$. {:(  Got a really nice skull crusher butt on it. I guess if the tiger has absorbed 2 60 caliber balls & is still climbing up your elephant for you, you beat him too death with it  :-X  A lot of the expense in a weapon of this type is in regulating both barrels to the same POI. Whether Pederasoli has done that or not  ??? I'd rather have the Baker confederate Calvary sawed off shotgun, but it's like 8-900$.
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Re: $550 Howdah
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2016, 05:01:49 PM »
Dear Friends,
               Unless you are seriously contemplating a trip to India, to try and Bag a Mr. Stripes, I would advise you to save your money!  I have long had a great interest in cats. I have two domestic House cats, and would love to have a pet lion or Tiger. (I'd need a lot of money to make this dream come true, so it will never happen of course.) However I have read a lot about the Tiger, and he is definitely NOT to be Messed With!  People in Burma do keep them as house pets, but only if they have gotten them as newborns! (Before their eyes were open.)  Even then, I have been told it is wise to release them into the wild, when they get about three and a half years old!  I've been told that at about that age, they may begin to regard you as a possible snack!
               In England, Lord Longleat had a Safari Park, and had a great many enclosures, that contained a number of different African Species.  In some of them, visitors were permitted to park their cars, and walk amongst the animals.  The Giraffe's were all pretty tame, and on a vacation my first wife and I took, we saw some visitors actually feeding some of these VERY tall animals, with tid-bits from their own packed lunches.  I would not have chosen to do that, as some of the Mom's had Baby Giraffe's with them, and I would not have liked to have gotten too close to a young one, and aroused the ire of Mom!  There is a video on Youtube, that shows a Giraffe, fending off an attacking Lioness. (In the Wild!) The Giraffe kicked the lion very solidly several times, and discouaged the lion so well, it ran off and gave the Giraffe best! People who drive their own cars through these enclosures, often suffer great damage from the Monkey enclosures!  These animals, (And for some reason I do not know why!) all the monkey enclosure's are populated by Baboons! Over the years, these creatures have become a bit bored, so they amuse themselves by tearing off the Windshiels Wipers, the wing Mirrors, the Radio Antenna's, and even the rubber sealing around the windows. This then becomes very dangerous, as some of these apes have found out that once the rubber strip around the edge of the window comes out, the window itself become loose, and may be pulled out and smashed!  Great Fun!(For the Apes!) 
               I used to drive bus tours through these places, and one Sunday, I took a Rugby Football Club on their annual Outing.  The route included a few hours in a Safari Park.  I believe it was the one in Windsor Great Park. In the Monkey enclosures, the road is always like a snake, .It bends and then doubles back on itself to give the Paying Customers more monkey for their money!  It was a beautiful day, and literally thousands of sightseers had come to the Safari park.  Some ten or fifteen cars  in front of my bus, was a big four door sedan,with three elderly ladies in the bench front seat. The Ford had quite a long Hood and Trunk! which were wide and rather flat!  Just as this car came opposite our bus,a female Baboon jumped onto the hood of this car.  In case any of you are wondering if I am an expert of the sexing of Apes,  No, I am not, but the sex of this animal was made obvious  by the actions of the second Ape which jumped onto the hood behind her, and commenced to scew her, Doggy Style! Right Slap Dab in Front of three Elderly Ladies with blue hair!  The lady who was driving brought her car to an immediate halt.
 ALL of the three ladies tried to pretend they were not noticng the two apes having sex, less than a foot in front of their windshield.  The rather riotrous members of my party, the Rugby Club, (And ALL Rugby Clubs are known for their uninhibited behaviour!) opened some of the bus windows, (Strictly prohibited when in an Ape Enclosure!) and commenced to call out advice,(?) to the three ladies, combined with rather  unfortunate comments such as,"Bet you'd like some of that, EH? and
"How Long's it been Luv?  The ladies red faces, made a nice contrast to their Blue hair.  The traffic had all come to a complete standstill, as the folks in their cars on the other side of the spectacle, had come to a halt to watch the fun, as had the cars in front of AND behind my bus.  It was not long before the security men realized that there was, "Something Going On," and about five of these guys appeared carrying Greener Single Barrelled Shotguns, they shouted and waved the shotguns at the Apes, who graduallu dispersed, including The Lovers.  The Male had apparently finished, but was still sitting behind the female, as we used to say, "Leaving it in to soak!"  He was pursuaded to leave, and traffic began to move once More!  When I got back to the garage, and met up with my fellow drivers, I got a lot of mileage out of that incident!
                                                                                                                                  Johnnie Roper,Alias:Gunslinger9378.
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