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Off-Topic Discussion / Re: What's going on today?
« Last post by Retreever on Today at 03:24:52 AM »
'Bout a foot of snow fell overnight, thought we were done with this crap. And it's the wet, heavy stuff which means it'll be a bitch to shovel. >:(

1858 Remington Revolvers / Re: Ball Scratcher
« Last post by Hawg on April 09, 2020, 11:30:07 PM »
Crisco or vegetable oil will work.
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: What's going on today?
« Last post by Miguel Loco on April 09, 2020, 09:00:24 PM »
OMG! I just got on here! Yippy!

Sorry Guys...Kimmy fixed my computer.

I'm alive and WELL here. So is Kimmy and Max.

I hope ALL you other guys are doing good too.

Good to see you back! It's about damn time
1858 Remington Revolvers / Re: Ball Scratcher
« Last post by Rebel Craig on April 09, 2020, 08:01:47 PM »
mix it with Crisco Shortening
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: What's going on today?
« Last post by mazo kid on April 09, 2020, 06:48:39 PM »
73* here two days ago. Today we had high winds and snow squalls. Spring in Wisconsin! Wind chill of 34* !
1858 Remington Revolvers / Re: Ball Scratcher
« Last post by HappyBp on April 09, 2020, 05:57:35 PM »
Is it something I said?   {+*
Flintlock Rifles / Re: Had to happen i guess
« Last post by GrayFox on April 08, 2020, 07:53:39 PM »

The more I read of your creative mechanical artistry and inventiveness I would enjoy writing a piece with a central character with your character and skills placed with his shop of tools, parts and raw metal stock (and a few modern adhesives) into a period such as our revolution or perhaps one of the lengthy mid-European wars of the same period.  You could work your miracles for some worthy lord or cause.  Just think what you could do with a breech loading ordnance rifle of two to three inches a hundred years ahead of its time.  I wonder what sighting system you would devise?  McGuiver combined with Twain's Connecticut Yankee let loose in central Europe.  You'd be on a Swedish king's short list in short order.  It's enough to give one pause.  Best of luck with your current project.  Gray Fox
Flintlock Rifles / Re: Had to happen i guess
« Last post by Racing on April 08, 2020, 06:47:28 PM »
To be quite honest parts of the stock is rotted completely out.
To the point wood is missing,which is the case underneath the lock for instance.

So..what we´re into here is downright reconstruction. Fresh strips of walnut and epoxy resin.
Indeed i suspect the lock n barrel to match. The stock,NOT so much..
As i installed the fresh screw n bezels for the lock..we were all good right?

Nope. As i did the tang screw now ran directly into the rearward screw for the lock... {:( )L$ )L$
Well well.
So what i did was cut the tang off and weld a 15mm piece of steel in there,making it longer. Now..i know..lacks the natural sweeping lines thus far. Correctemundo.
Thing is though i´ll have to adress that as i´m done making the tang sit right vs the barrel. As is i literally need to force the barrel down to make it fit.
In short,one thing at a time..

Trigger then.
Stock is that thin blade which runs on an axle set directly into the wood. Wobbles around all over. Dug through all the scrap and came up with this old trigger group for an old shotgun.
Works like..a TON better and even sports return springs.
Flintlock Rifles / Re: Had to happen i guess
« Last post by Racing on April 08, 2020, 05:16:23 AM »
Took to plowing through the parts at the shop and came up with what i needed to make the lock WORK at least.
Will take it from there,but giving thought to replacing the trigger assy and what not.

That said i´ve sanded away,filling cracks as i go.
As the sides of the stock are in rather poor shape,even after filling in the cracks with 2 part epoxy and sanding dust,i´m giving thought to picking some walnut veneer up..
Will take a closer look at that asap. Handed the stock some 50/50 mix turpentine and linseed just to get an idea...

Sights then.
Well,it IS a flintlock rifle after all and i DO need sights that´ll hand me some sort of ability to hit with the thing after the liner has been installed.
The style of diopter in the pic was rather common back in the 18 hundreds mainland Europe. This of course means that the stock needs a bit of hardware installed,but truth be told i´ve grown kind of partial to this type instead of the "ladder sights" sold by Pedersoli and what not.
These are still to be had on german based e-gun for instance,and that without breaking the bank. Still semi expensive though,seeing what they are after all,at approx 100 Euros.

Pocket Remingtons and Derringers / Re: .31 Remington Chrony Test (Very surprising)
« Last post by WECSOG on April 07, 2020, 10:50:35 PM »
This is great news. I was just thinking about my .31 Remmy today. I cast some 00 Buck in a Lee 18 cavity mold and got to thinking it might work ok in the revolver, although I might need to pre-size them or something as they mike .3315".
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