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Powder / Re: I am Looking To Use T7 3F
« Last post by Pustic on Today at 09:24:13 PM »
I use 777 in my revolvers and use real black in my flintlock rifles.  ])M
I am wanting to make my wads for over the powder without any lube to hinder the powder charge & I also want to make the wads that will seal up the chambers to stop chain fires
I truly Thank Ya fellas it shall be the steel frame I want a revolver that can hold up to a lot of shooting as I plan to do that I can get the steel frame from OLD SOUTH FIREARMS for $365 + S&H if there  is a better deal on a new one please let me know see I live on a small fixed income I am disabled & I have to spend every dime as smart as possible
Projectiles / sizing Lee round nose .450 diameter 200 gn conicals
« Last post by Hawk78 on Today at 07:09:12 PM »
I'm thinking really hard on buying this mold. Would sizing them after casting be necessary?
Buy Sell or Trade / Re: Looking To Buy Some Lead For My Revolver
« Last post by mazo kid on Today at 05:32:22 PM »
I am not selling any of mine, but there is nearly always someone on the CastBoolits forum selling lead if you are only looking for 25 pounds or so. That amount should fit in a USPO SFRB.
I read somewhere about using a big rubber hammer to make wads. I cut a plastic bottle about 2" from the bottom, cut a slot in the bottom that lets the punch handle fit through it. Put the punch handle through the bottle, put that in a vise, put the ward/card material on the punch, strike the top with the hammer. Presto! One wad. The bottle catches the wads.  If the punch handle is round or hex shaped instead of flat, you can put that in a drill press and cut wads that way (with a piece of wood as backing). Both ways work well.
Powder / Re: I am Looking To Use T7 3F
« Last post by Fingers McGee on Today at 11:17:27 AM »
I use T7 in my 44-40, 45 Colt and .38 spcl cartridges. Works great, meters accurately and cleans up with water. My cap guns get fffg old Eynsford or Grafs
Buy Sell or Trade / Re: Looking To Buy Some Lead For My Revolver
« Last post by Hawg on Today at 05:42:17 AM »
Stay away from the bottom pour pots. They're always leaking and a PITA. You want pure lead or at least a hardness of BHN 6. Pure lead is BHN 5. There's several places you an get pure lead. You can get it from scrap yards. Roof flashing is pure lead. Or you can buy it online from places like Roto Metals. https://www.rotometals.com/pure-lead-cast-disc-99-9/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAqNPyBRCjARIsAKA-WFzXLg9iY1Fyoj5_islpY_tM7egNYLV1UsQd0v1gILrqHOWWpgeBBYoaAiEUEALw_wcB
You can't overload a steel fame with bp and a round ball. 30 grains will eventually turn a brass fame into a paperweight.
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