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Title: Interesting subject
Post by: Rebel Craig on February 08, 2020, 07:42:43 PM
I have read this in several different places and it was interesting to me
Thought I would share it.
Title: Re: Interesting subject
Post by: G Dog on February 08, 2020, 09:38:33 PM
Good article.  Thanks for posting that.

The article agrees with much of the FBI protocols.

This was interesting:

“In an eight-inch barrel, 30-grains of 3Fg Goex black powder, under a 140-grain round ball will have a velocity of 882 feet per second, and an energy level of 242 foot/pounds, which is well above our 200 ft/lbs power floor. Reducing the barrel length to five and a half inches reduces velocity to 805 fps, with a power output of 201 ft/lbs, so it still makes the grade. But, when the barrel is cut to three-inches, velocity drops to 550 fps. That gives a power output of 94 ft/lbs, which is in the 25 ACP range. It is not going to be a reliable fight stopper.”

The article says round ball is the best one shot fight stopper but seems to overlook the advantages of a wide meplat heavy slug.

Goex is not very energetic.  Those numbers would go up using various other powders.