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I'm back...for a bit
« on: June 30, 2020, 06:36:15 PM »
After what seems like a 20 years I'm sort of back.

A LOT of water has flowed under several bridges and I find myself within a couple of weeks of my wife and I selling our house here in Gun Friendly California and GETTING OUT OF DODGE!  The buyer said we don't actually have to leave the house for several months, we'll go as soon as we get our fecal matter together.  We've got a new house being built for us on the other side of the planet.  It will be ready for move-in soon and we've got the official stamped deed and permission to occupy and all that.

We've already sold are share of the ranch, wish we couldn't have gotten more than a token payment for it but such is life.

Down to smoke and flames...

We can't take our guns with us.  So, I have two 1858 Pietta pistols, one brass, one steel and one TC 50 cal inline that will be for sale.  I've also got a smokeless shotgun but that has to go through all the legal hassles.  Still, it's going to be available if you happen to be someone we can sell to.

I've also got a lot of lead, Pyrodex, a lead pot, molds, caps, ...

Contact me off-list if interested, I don't have any fixed prices as it depends on how much stuff one person takes and how much hassle it is to get it to them.  Cash at my door gets the best price.  :)

jdurand@durandinterstellar.com is a good way to contact me.  Also you can send a text or WhatsApp message to my cell (don't bother calling, I won't answer).  408-348-7096

Here's a picture of the new house from the beginning of May, a lot of work has been done since but all I have are photos and videos showing details of items like network wires and such.

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Re: I'm back...for a bit
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2020, 01:19:30 PM »
" ....selling our house here in Gun Friendly California ..."
are you going to an even gun friendlier place than CA ??? Just wondering, since you said you can't bring your irons.

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Re: I'm back...for a bit
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2020, 12:02:07 PM »
Think I sent an email. Trying to see if iMessage will email, like it is supposed to.
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