Author Topic: DD4life's Conicals in my .45 Caliber Flintlock  (Read 2929 times)

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DD4life's Conicals in my .45 Caliber Flintlock
« on: August 19, 2016, 05:52:12 AM »
Hello All,

So this Spring I was able to pick up a barely used, closet queen, Pedesoli Pennsylvania Flintlock Rifle from a buddy of mine.  It's a .45 caliber with a 1:48 twist.  It shoots patched Round ball really well and I had some of DD4life's 190 grain conicals in my shooting box so I decided to give them a try.  Being soft lead, the load pretty easy. I had trouble with them grouping initially, but figured out pretty quick that they just like a lubed felt wad between them and the powder to help with a gas seal. Now they group about as well as patched ball, just a little higher at 50yrds.  I have yet to see how they do at 100 yards.  When shooting RB with this gun, the balls tend to really start dropping at about 75 yards.  I would imagine that the 190 grain conical would retain a bit more energy and maybe increase my range.  However the areas that I hunt don't produce 100 yards shots that often and I always concentrate on delivering an adequate projectile within about 75 yards anyway.


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Re: DD4life's Conicals in my .45 Caliber Flintlock
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2016, 06:18:02 AM »
All things being equal I would think it would stay the same or maybe drop a bit more.
the heavier slug may cause a bit more pressure to develop but the extra weight would
likely cause then to drop more.

Most 45 caliber single shots and rifles  are bored at about .440  grooves being about .445.
My conicals are   .451 bottom ring and .455  top ring   and a .440 heel   those are nominal

Interesting to note the heel doesn't seem affect the accuracy.  or maybe it does and thus the wad.

question are you lubing the bullet before loading?  thus acting as a gas seal
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Re: DD4life's Conicals in my .45 Caliber Flintlock
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2016, 06:12:28 PM »
I lubed the groove and the entire bullet before loading.  Most of my muzzleloaders print a bit higher with all other variables being equal, when I use conicals vs PRB's.  I think I get a bit of gas checking with the conicals and using a wad eliminates that and I get better accuracy.. same thing in my Pietta 1858.  The rebated base is nice.  The bullet starts evenly and the 1st groove starts to engage the rifling, the 2nd groove engages the rifling even more and rolls over creating a tight fit but loadable.