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--- Quote from: PaleHawkDown on February 10, 2014, 12:41:23 PM ---At least once a week I get a call from someone asking me my opinion of a powder load or a conversion-use load that they found on YouTube, and some of these questions are down right scary. I sometimes wonder how many people DON'T call us about this stuff and try it instead.

As an example, in our pre-internet days we sold a gentleman a Vortek pistol. He brought it back a week later looking like a peeled banana. He had put four pyrodex pellets in it because he had seen some yutz on YouTube do it. He wanted us to replace it.
Long story short, we did not replace it.

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Hi Lee, Good!! Darwin showed that natural selection is useful to the species.


Dear Friends
            I'd like to point out that our Very Own Duelist1954 posts VERY GOOD VIDEOS on  He is also the Black Powder Editor for "Guns of the Old West Magazine."  You can take anything HE says to the bank!
            On the subject of loading straight from the magazine:  This is okay if youare loading a pistol or revolver!  It is when you are shooting a Rifle that you have to be careful. At the black murky bottom of that 32" tube, a spark MAY be lurking, and it is possible, (Though a trifle unlikely.) that a flask could blow up in your hand, if you were to always load a Musket directly from the flask. I load all my cylinders directly from the flask, but have to admit that all my cylinders, are loaded soon after they have been removed from a pan of boiling water! Yet I have loaded revolvers from the flask son after they have been fired, and have never had any problems!  I DO always blow a sharp puff of breath down the front of any chambers I am going to reload, if I have recently fired the gun.  So any video you see where Mike, (Duelist1954) has
produced, you may follow with out fear.  I feel that many of the precautions he takes are a little un-necessary, but then I have been shooting these guns for over fifty years! (There are some short cuts one can take, if you know what you are doing!  For example, I always load all six chambers!  I must have a look at YouTube again, and see which persons one should be REALLY wary of!
                                                                                                        Johnnie Roper,Alias:Gunslinger9378.


--- Quote from: Gunslinger9378 on February 10, 2014, 03:44:24 PM ---... all my cylinders, are loaded soon after they have been removed from a pan of boiling water! ...                                                                                                       Johnnie Roper,Alias:Gunslinger9378.

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Easy for you, Johnnie, you live in the boiling hot AZ desert )L$

That breath of fresh air carries mostly CO2, helps to snuff out any lingering embers.
Which is so ironic, because it's the same breath that is used for turning embers into raging infernos.

I've watched most all of Duelist1954s posts. and he's a good teacher in the art of the bp world. There are still some real nuts on boobtub that can cost you your guns, arms, face, your life even. including people that may be standing around you. Would rather be safe than sorry. I've been shooting these guns a little over 30 years and still find room to ask a question every now and then. If people especially those just getting started out don't know for sure about something just ask. I posted a long time ago about a review I read on Cabela's review board about a man posting about those brass frame 1851.44 cal Colt revolvers they sell. This guy clamed to be a retired Army something or other. He posted go ahead fill them brass guns up with as much powder as you can get in them it want hurt ah thing these guns can handle it. I'm thinking what the heck was Cabela's thinking letting a review like that get on the board unless it just slipped  through some how. I set sometime just reading reviews on stuff just to pass the time of day some of the things people come up with is hilarious to say the least. Just about every place that sells these guns have review boards and on days like this makes it a good time for reading, working on hobbies anything you can do inside. Sure as heck no time to be driving on the roads if you don't haft to. OK! that's enough out of me for a bit.

one of the bad things about youtube and stuff similar
A newbie to the sport may not know what is depicted is not good info and they or somebody else could get hurt, or worse, following some of the info.
So if you see a video there, that is definitely bad. Flag it and review it and why you believe it is in error.
Up to people who truly know to police and edit the bad info.


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