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Warning! Please Read.

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For all the folks that are new to black powder guns and shooting. Rifles, pistols, and cleaning. I've been spending a little time looking at Information on (YOUTUBE) Please be careful with the infor you get coming off that site. I have run across some real bad videos on that site. Now saying that there are still some good people that are taping and posting good information to. So I just wanted to let you know that some of the information on (YOUTUBE) is BAD stuff. PLEASE if your not sure about something don't be shy to ask the fellas here on the 58 site question's about black powder guns when it comes to loading, powder's, cleaning your guns, making black powder. The list go's on and on. I just want folks to be able to enjoy thair guns without getting hurt or worse. This is one of the best hobbies and ways of hunting and shooting there is. I'd sure hate to see anyone get messed up cause of getting the wrong info from some jackass that don't know what the heck they'er talking about, and man have I watched some really bad ideas in the last few day's. OK I'll get off my soap box now.

Oh did I tell you there is some of the best informed fellas you ever want to meet right he on this forum. I wasn't sure where to post this so I put it h right here. Now if it's not raining in your neck of the woods let's make some safe smoke and enjoy it.  :9)  :)

G Dog:
Good warning Dell, there is some crackpot info out there, YouTube sure has it's share.  Here is where to ask.

+1 on what Dellbert said.

Yes, thanks for that reminder, Dell.
I've seen some pretty horrific stuff there, too.
Any members with a question, ask. Please.

BP Joe:
Thank you Dell.

I have gone to YouTube on a number of occations to learn being that I am new to the world of black powder. I did notice a few of the vidoes I think you mentioned. One where the person loading his New Army 44 and spilling powder all over the top of the cyclinder. Another one where the person was loading right from the flask. Please correct me if I'm wrong in any of these statements, but I have read that it is wise to be carefull when loading, using a powder measure instead of directly from the flask, and keeping as much powder in the cylinder instead of around it. One person I have mentioned in another post did a little write up on keeping things clean leads to the reduced possibility of chain fires. His website address was I look forward to firing for the first time my New Army 44 at the range this spring, and feel much more prepared from what I have learned from the vast experience on this forum. I thank you all very much for sharing your knowledge.

BP Joe  ])M

At least once a week I get a call from someone asking me my opinion of a powder load or a conversion-use load that they found on YouTube, and some of these questions are down right scary. I sometimes wonder how many people DON'T call us about this stuff and try it instead.

As an example, in our pre-internet days we sold a gentleman a Vortek pistol. He brought it back a week later looking like a peeled banana. He had put four pyrodex pellets in it because he had seen some yutz on YouTube do it. He wanted us to replace it.
Long story short, we did not replace it.


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