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Unload, check, double check then check again before you dry fire any gun. I just nearly blew off my thumb "dry firing" the frankengun... I am so used to my 5 shot antiques i forgot it holds 6 and i unloaded it counted five rounds and dry fired it until it went bang and left a nice sized blood blister on my thumb... It must have just nicked me... I got damn lucky. Ill post the pics next time i am in town... BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!

G Dog:
There is no such notion as too careful.  The concept does not exist.

Mad Dog Stafford:
Darn careful Bud!  :-[

Dang....that's scary! I'd lecture ya but it sounds like you already had a few words with yourself! :9)

Well i found where the bullet went after it hit my thumb... Through the ceiling and out the roof... Well i know what this weekends "honeydo" list will have on it... I shoot 50-100 rounds a day everyday and this is only my 2nd accidental discharge in over 20 years... Not a bad track record... The last one was caused by my new holster catching on the trigger on my .45auto when i was holstering it back in 97... I never used that holster again... Btw the frankengun is now for sale too ill post the ad later..


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