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I find the brass trigger guard on my '58 tarnishes rather quickly despite frequent attacks with Flitz and a polishing rag, even though I wipe it down with a soft, clean cotton towel after handling. Any tips for preventing this?
Some threads on other forums have suggested carnauba (automotive paste) wax or even Pledge, but I've not tried either.

Former Admin:
havent found a real solution to this either, i handle my guns while watching movies, talking on the phone,etc. i usually just rub he brass with a littl 0000 steel wool! i guess one day the trigger guards will be so thin ill have to replace them! (?^

Rock Island:
The supermarket has all sorts of brass polishes that will clean the triggerguard, none of them expensive and they all work.  Let it tarnish, you think they shined it up in the field?  Shiny crap on a weapon will give your position away and get you killed.

The day I have to worry about giving away my position, Think I'll set the Remmy down and pick up the 7mmRM with the scope. Just sayin'..... ::)

0000 steel wool for me too.


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