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I seem to have started a new tradition here in the Captain's house. Every night as I sit here reading & typing on the forums, I choose a different BP pistol and lay it on the desk in front of me. Tonight it's my Baby Dragoon. In between typing, reading and thinking, I pick up the Gun Of The Day, handle, point, and otherwise fiddle with the Gun Of The Day. This allows me better familiarity with all the guns, and a better appreciation for them. That being said, I might mention they are all checked for positive unloaded condition, and I have no kids in the house any longer. Still, it allows me to better connect with these things and keep them from becoming safe queens. {L*

Former Admin:
i do the same thing kirk, but mine are always loaded! {:( 

I'm much like you, Capt.  Just about every night, I grab a gun or two and clean them even though they've not been used since I last cleaned 'em.  Sometimes I'll just go over 'em with a little oil. Then, wrap 'em up and put 'em back in the safe. A gun can never be too clean

I do the same thing but like ET mine are loaded. I ordered a deal of prelubed felt wads and they sent me bore butter treated cleaning pads which I now use to wipe down all my pistols.....I like it, it stays better than oil.

Mad Dog Stafford:
Funny, I do the same thing. Some are loaded, some are not.  ;)


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