Author Topic: The m/1860 aka the "Wredes" rifle  (Read 1718 times)

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Re: The m/1860 aka the "Wredes" rifle
« Reply #15 on: December 18, 2019, 09:51:40 AM »
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I have this hunch, that in this part of the world, the coating of stocks was shellack disolved in vodka. When such a coating is new, it is redish, but turn to dark brown over the centuries.

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Re: The m/1860 aka the "Wredes" rifle
« Reply #16 on: December 18, 2019, 04:58:32 PM »
Well,there was just a debate on the matter on a to us local forum.
The owner of that reddish one opposite page got told his was a "refurbished" one. He then showed the OEM stampings on the stock,year and serial,which were as deep as ever..condition of barrel and it´s military sights.
Coooould say that ended in a turn around by some.

As to shellack,might be. My m/1851 is out of birch as well and sports approx the same hue and finish as my m/1860 Wredes does now and surely no shellack involved for either of them.
We´ve been onto this on a wider level,my m/1775 incl (which is finished off stock with linseed and charcoal mix. Hence,it´s rather black stock. As to what else was let into this mix,opinions vary. No matter,flat black they are.

As i´ve touched on before we get away with "lesser" glass on our boomsticks vs modern day guns. I guess mainly as the recoil isn´t as sharp,albeit it can very well be as stout - and then some.
Ran into this dirt cheap Bushnell 6-24*50 on our local sort of craigslist (Tradera) and jumped the wagon. This time out taking the time to install it as tight vs the rifle as i could,using steel Millet rings.
Seems to work?

Details left,then off to try this SOB out..
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Re: The m/1860 aka the "Wredes" rifle
« Reply #17 on: January 05, 2020, 04:45:48 PM »
LOADS has happend!

Per usual i set the scope with a laser sighter. This truly works wonders,and ditto as far as the Millet rings which are adjustable for windage need be.

Then. The actual chamber of this gun/barrel has no doubt seen better days due standing around loaded for ages. Picked up one of them el-cheapo USB inspection cameras,and as i shoved that down the barrel the truth became rather evident to me.
Chamber was simply to long gone.
Where i was at i had run dry for my regular SIS-2541 tool steel but..had a piece of SIS-2172 laying around,which is ample seeing that we´re talking blackpowder.
So,said and done. Turned a chamber insert,and as it turns out..just what the doctor ordered.

After i dunno how many layers of oil the stock FINALLY started to show that it was at ease. Last couple of layers,to produce at least something of a finish,tung-oil. Rifle just came out looking better n better...

So! D-day! Time to see what this thing is made of and as it turns out...at 50 meters on paper from the get go. From thereon out things just improved.
To be honest that "first day" out was mainly to just check all system were good to go but..as it turned out i could just as well have started at the 100 meter line. No worries.

Rifle is real pleasant to shoot n handle. I guess the length of the thing is one of the major facts in that (if i recall a 39" barrel). Started out at 60 grains beneath the slug and increased from there.
So rather swiftly we were using up 90 grains of 3F a boom and..lovely. Just lovely. Rifle shoots very well and hits like a ton of bricks.

Boolit we use is NOT the "correct" one for the rifle,in its first stages at least (this was later revised) in as much that what we use is a ,480" Minié style boolit of 410 grains.
According to all "experts" this boolit should be dead wrong seeing the 1:44" twist of the rifle but...rifle sure doesn´t care. I guess this due the hollow base rather forward center of gravity of the thing.
Grease grooves of it are rather ample and filling these up,using a greased 1/8" wad and putting a dab of grease into the cavity in turn seems to do the trick.
In that mode we fired like short of 40 rounds that day and the rifle simply just performed.

In short we´re at the point where it´s time to adress sighting this thing in more hardcore,and that at 100/200/300 meters respectively. Going to be REAL interesting setting a load ladder up and see where this takes me!
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