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Robert Duvall lives in West Virginia.  He told me, he had a ranch there.
Must be an "OK" place then !

West Virginia would be a great place to retire, but unless your career plans involve coal mining or the manufacture of untaxed intoxicants, there aren't a lot of job prospects.  The EPA frowns on one of those occupations, and the ATF frowns on the other.

It is some beautiful country up there, though.  My grandmother lives right across the state line in Garrett County, Maryland.

But, but  making untaxed intoxicants is so much fun to do!

Cross Plains Drifter:
Mom was born in Lillybrook in '29
Grand Dad died in a shale fall in Elkhorn in '40
Moms family followed the coal veins thru Antioch, O'Toole, L'brook and Elkhorn
Maternal Grandmother born in Pocahontas in '07........mostly lived in Bluefield until she married Grand Dad in '22.

need to visit sometime and get to know some relatives...........


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