Author Topic: 1 grain of Hercules Bullseye Pistol Powder can be used with excellent results...  (Read 3052 times)

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Dear Friends,
            PLEASE!  Let us be sensible about his subject! STICK TO BLACK POWDER ONLY FOR BLACK POWDER GUNS! I don't want to hear of anyone having their friends feeding their new Seeing Eye Dog, tit-bits when they come visit you!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Our guns are BLACK POWDER GUNS! So for God's sake use ONLY BLACK POWDER IN THEM!  By all means carry out experiments, IF YOU HAVE A FORTY ACRE FIELD TO DO IT IN, AND A VERY LONG LENGTH OF CORD TO PULL THE TRIGGER WITH!  i have done some bloody stupid things in my life too, like getting married seven times, but I would never risk my right hand, my eyesight, or risk losing a limb, BY STUPIDLY PUTTING SMOKELESS POWDER IN ANY TYPE OF BLACK POWDER GUN! For God's Sake! It is the one cardinal rule drummed into us all! NEVER, EVER use Smokeless in a gun designed to use Black Powder!  Even if I had a double thick Kevlar Overcoat, with a facemask, and a pair of bullet proof glasses, I'd still never put any smokeless in ANY of my guns!  For one thing I have gotten very fond of my guns!  I don't want to see any of them turned into fragments!  Only this week, I did some work on the other two revolvers, and Katarina the Carbine. Now all have trigger stops fitted. Press the trigger on any of my guns, the hammer drops, but I don't FEEL the trigger move! Almost certain to improve accuracy!  I have time and effort invested in my weapons! I'm not going to risk any
harm coming to guns I have worked on so lovingly!  Come on Feller's! Lets show some common sense here!  We are all friends here, and no one can afford to lose a friend in these troubled times!  If you want to use smokeless, buy a Smith & Wesson and reload cartridges for it!
                                                                                       Johnnie Roper,Alias:Gunslnger9378.
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