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Another cowboy rig
« on: July 15, 2014, 03:17:53 PM »
Haunting the used holster bin again. The loops fit .44/.45 rounds. The belt and holster are both lined. A steal at what I paid for it. May use this one for my new Remington conversion revolver.

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Re: Another cowboy rig
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2014, 06:55:23 PM »
You sure run into the bargains down there!

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Re: Another cowboy rig
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2014, 12:15:42 PM »
Dear Friends,
            I used to wear a gun in a rig like that.  W a Y back when I actually believed that FAst Draw existed back in the Old West.
Now of course, people who used a gun to stay alive DID try and think of ways to get them into action more rapidly!  Witness John
Wesly Hardin's vest with the two guns in holster shaped pockets sewn onto the nside of the vest.  A Modern Day Texas Ranger had the vest duplicated, but said it wasn't all that useful in his opinion, as it was almost impossible to draw both guns at once! I would like to know who would WANT to draw both at once?Common sense would seem to dictate emptying the first gun, then drop it and go for the second one!  In most of the REAL gunfights in the Old West, one or both of the protagonists had a very good idea, that trouble was close by, and they had guns in their HANDS!
            When the sport of Fast Draw took hold here in the US, (About the early 1950's I think?) all the rigs that the celluloid cow-
boys used on the screen, looked just like the rig that Electric Miner has just bought.  It was also similar to rigs the Fast Draw Fanatics used AT THAT TIME!  Things soon changed however, when the winner's of these contests started to take home BIG MONEY!  Let's look at a few FACTS!  ONE!  You cannot fire a revolver straight and level  from below your waist!  There may be some exceptionally supple people who can fire from a LITTLE below their waist, but the strain on the wrist is painful!  Now a Single Acton .45 Colt Revolver weighs roughly two and one half pounds!  If the gun is carried low slung on the leg, that means you have to move a weight of about 40 ounces, about a foot, before you can shoot it straight and level. The boys who had done their Physics at school soon realized this!  Gun rigs soon began to appear that held the gun high on the waist. Thataway, all you had to do was to knock the gun backwards out of the rig, and either fan the hammer, of to already have it cocked, because you knocked it out of the holster by striking the hammer, so it was cocked when you caught it!  I saw pictures of guys doing the, Walk and Draw Contest, and had I been there in person, they would have probably asked me to leave, because I was laughing so hard at how ridiculous the contestants looked!  Then they began to get REALLY SERIOUS about cheating!  ALL the guns were altered to have coil springs operating every part from the hand, the Piano Wire Bolt and trigger springs, and a coil spring for the hammer as well.  The steel rifled barrels were removed, and an Aluminum barrel, smooth bore, replaced it!
The only Colt in Fast Draw were those owned by Bob Munden, who was really a Human Freak!  A very nice guy, but he had such amazing reflexes, he could do things with his hands that VERY FEW OTHER HUMANS CAN DO!  If you put a live .45 Long Colt Cartridge in 90% of the Single actions used for Fast Draw in Las Vegas, they would blow up!  They just LOOK like .45 Colts! At least half the weight of a real gun!
            The Low Slung Gun went out with High Button Shoes!  The only way you can carry  gun in a low slung rig, is if you are walking on foot!  I have tried, in 1974, to carry a gun in such a rig, and it was VERY  UNCOMFORTABLE on horseback!  If you tied the thongs to your thigh, then the butt beat a tattoo on the cantle of the saddle, whenever your mount went faster than a walk.  If you untied the thong, and just let the gun and holster rest on your thigh, as soon as your horse moved faster than a walk, the whole gun and holster flapped up and down on your leg and like to beat you to death. The ONLY SATISFACTORY WAY TO CARRY A PISTOL ON HORSEBACK, IS IN A RIG DESIGNED BY THE 19TH. CENTURY HOLSTER MAKERS,  where the belt is STRAIGHT, and the HOLSTER fits over the straight belt.  If you are going to be authentically dressed as a 19th. Century cowhand, wear a pair of trousers, that are cut high at the back and have NO BELT LOOPS!  The gunbelt should be fastened
around the hips, and the top edge should be just below where your modern Trouser belt would be, if you had such on! The Holster of the pistol should fit completely OVER THE GUNBELT!  Not hung from a slot in the leather of a gunbelt shaped like a Boomerang, and with a wide part where the slot is so the gun can Hang Low!   If you are carrying correctly, for Comfort,  AND Authenticity, the top of the gun butt, should be noticeable by the feel of it on your arm, about two inches below the elbow joint, with the arm hanging loosely straight down!  I will try and show some pics of myself wearing my own rig, so that it can be seen the gun(s) ride quite high. Thataway, they are OUT OF THE WAY, when you need to use a rope, for example!  The fact of the matter is, THERE WAS NO FAST DRAW IN THE OLD WEST! If you don't believe me, just ask Hawg!
                                                                                                      Johnnie Roper,Alias:Gunslinger9378.
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Re: Another cowboy rig
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2014, 08:12:50 AM »
Darn Miner! I wish I had that rig for my SS Ruger .45acp/.45LC revoler.  {?|

P.S. I just like black leather better than brown leather.
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Re: Another cowboy rig
« Reply #4 on: April 28, 2015, 07:38:25 PM »
Amen, Gunslinger, amen!
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