Author Topic: NAA small frame companion... Is it worth it?  (Read 4835 times)

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Re: NAA small frame companion... Is it worth it?
« Reply #15 on: March 13, 2014, 07:43:09 AM »
i grind 3f into something much finer, its almost like talc when i'm done, i use an extremely advanced and super dooper ultra top secret pencil-rolled-over-powder-on-cutting-board method to grind my powder, on the extremely high tech ballistics testing i do using super advanced ballistic phone books, the super companion's penetration is similar to hi velocity .22 lr, i.e. remington golden bullet, coming out of a .22 jennings... about half way through.

would it be my "go to gun" if i had other options? not a chance in hell, if my only option was .22 super companion or sharp stick, i'll take the .22 for the added 5 to 6 feet of range over the stick.

now using the same hi tech advanced ballistic phone book test with super comp vrs a .25acp raven, i'll take the .22 super comp, it has nearly double the penetration in the advanced ballistic phone book  /L&

A lot of times I cant carry, easily.... And being the skinny "thuggish?" pants sagging guy that I am, a full frame gun pulls my pants down.

I'm going to grind my 777 to fine powder and see the difference. I do have a .22 conversion In my remmy, so I'm trying to get my mini to sound/punch like the .22lr hyper velocity