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Welcome Wagon / Re: New member, Motherlode region, NorCal
« Last post by Calibre32 on May 15, 2018, 05:31:01 AM »
Welcome scrubby from Central Florida................Jim
Welcome Wagon / Re: New member, Motherlode region, NorCal
« Last post by Yolla Bolly Brad on May 15, 2018, 01:01:57 AM »
Scrubby,  (D@   I'm a Norcal too. After stripping all the other parts from the frame you might start with penetrating oil on that frozen cylinder pin and then some heat on the cylinder. Tap the pin out from the rear.  Post some pictures too if possible.
Breechloaders / Re: Chassepot Mle 1866
« Last post by Racing on May 15, 2018, 12:54:16 AM »
...aaaaaaaaand the rifle is still "out there" somewhere.

This has turned into a god damn farse,and it´s always like this when the Swedish national post is involved. It´s just beyond critisism really. Their street rep is below the tarmac,they can to the letter F anything up. Really.

After having been sent on a wild goose chase around town to pick the rifle up yesterday i guess you can imagine that after spending all in all 3hrs in a car to have this done i was..less than patient when calling their "customer service" up today.

...aaaaand they kept with their bullshit why i simply stated enough already. See,they had "started an investigation" as far as i give a crap.

This is since today a matter for the police. We are talking a high power rifle on the lose here which around these parts is a pretty big deal.
I don´t care anymore. I want my god damn rifle and they had better just fork that over. As for the police,well that remains to be seen what that brings.
That this,by Swedish standards,is a big deal though is beyond reason.
Welcome Wagon / New member, Motherlode region, NorCal
« Last post by scrubby on May 14, 2018, 11:41:07 PM »
Blackpowder shooter off and on forever. Recently acquired a New Model , ser # 52,xxx. January '64 production as far as I can tell. It's a project piece, no mainspring, locks up but hand is not rotating, cylinder pin is siezed in cylinder, rotating in the frame, as the "T" on the front of the pin is gone. Front sight is decent, all markings on the barrel (three line markings) legible. Serial number on barrel and frame match, inspector "P" on barrel and triggerguard present. With cylinder still in frame, it's hard to make out the lettering on the back of the cylinder, but there are letters or numbers.  I bought it half for the Story. Supposedly came out of an outhouse pit in the '50's, had some half-a$$ed wood attached and it has been a wallhanger/paperweight ever since. I bought it to be a companion to my iron-framed '73 Winchester that was dug up in an indian village in Humboldt County back in the '70's. I shoot the shizzle out of that old lever gun, and hope to return this Remington to functionality. Got to start with freeing that cylinder, so any tips in that endeavor I'd appreciate. Love all the history here, enjoying reading all these threads and learning. Thanks for adding me.
  Many folks here call the "bolt" a "bolt stop" and I was little confused, but now I think you are talking about a "bolt block". That being the case, it should be fine. You may not feel the difference now but, with correct timing and a well fitted bolt, you will feel AND hear a difference when you RACK that hammer back!! I think every S.A. should have a bolt block and an action stop  .  .  .  .  (and torsion springs,  .  .  .  an  action shield, .  .  .  .   lol)

Nice job!!

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Your whole project is coming along nicely!

Guessing the fellow attempting to make problems for you hasn’t caused any issues?
Those grips are looking good.

Indeed they do NE. One HELLUVA material for sure. Thx again Len!!
I don't believe a brass bolt will hold up.

Follow me on Instagram @goonsgunworks

You don´t Mike? As i´ve understood the main idea here is to make sure the bolt says peek-a-boo in the exact same spot over and over right? Thus making lockup of the cylinder more repeatable.?
Well,i fabbed one at least and it´s in there REAL snug. Difference? Yeah,i guess... Hard to tell ATM seing the tightening of the cylinder as a whole. Future will tell though.
So far i just put it in there. Held in place by the trigger return spring. IOW,no harm no foul.

Started playing around with some sort of rammer. Please don´t judge quite yet,this is just the various pieces cut down to fit and done deal so far.
Plan is to put a through bolt through the T part of the cylinder pin and use that for a fulcrum point.
I found this article. It describes how you have to carefully carve a radius that matches the original sight into the blank brass stock, then file it to the precise thickness so it will tap into the barrel slot.
Those grips are looking good.
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