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I am new to the forum and was wondering if would be possible to get the date of manufacture for my newly purchased Remington 1858 New Model Army revolver?  The serial number is 63974, on both the barrel and under the grip.
Welcome Wagon / Re: South Texas Guy
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Well, Welcome Jay3100! Great to have ya on here!
I always remove the cleanout screw, and then "slush pump" hot water through both the cleanout port and the nipple port (nipple removed).  Then there's the patent breach's powder chamber, which is smaller; I use a 35 caliber jag to swab down in there (always keeping a patch worm handy).

I don't know why they chose to drill the cleanout screw.  Many of the old snail breaches never had them.  I suppose it's just as easy to drill the flash channel from the right hand side, and then plug it with a "cleanout" screw.  The other method was to drill the flash channel from the left side and then plug it permanently with a flush-fit screw that could never be removed.  From the that perspective there would be no reason to remove the cleanout screw unless it's locking against the nipple threads like mine.  That is, unless you have a bunch of primer anvils in there, or some such silliness, and need to push them out.

Shown is a "traditional" Hawken hooked, snail breach, in the rough.  You see in the right side view the breach chamber, and the lack of a "cleanout".  In the left side view, can you spot the plugged, flash channel drill hole?  Yeah, so that's my case for explaining why they do the "cleanout", that it's just a bit simpler way of doing things, for the manufacturer.
Welcome Wagon / Re: South Texas Guy
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Welcome Jay
Welcome Wagon / South Texas Guy
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Hello from Deep South Texas!
I just recently joined the 1858 board so thanks to whom ever approved my request. I am brand spanking new the BP firearms. While I have been shooting a pair of 1873 cartridge guns in some Cowboy action, I have never fired BP before and I am looking forward to going dark.

I have MANY questions and hopefully I will find the answers here!

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If you set your account to stay logged in forever all you have to do is save the index page to your bookmarks and every time you click the bookmark you will go straight to the forum page without going thru the home page.
What he said...
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heard about the Elkhorn river in Nebraska  I grew up 3 miles from it   mom and dad still live in the area
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Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Kaeto
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Not me....Hope he is okay.
Hello Grey Fox,

Any luck?
I'm not sure on your Hawken about the cleanout screw holding the Acra Shot in place like Omni stated. I know on my old TC Hawken (1978), I never removed the clean out screw and the only way to remove it now would be to drill it. On my Lyman Great Plains Hunter you do need to loosen the cleanout screw to remove the nipple as it does lock against the nipple.

Again work slow and good luck, AntiqueSledMan.
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