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At The Range / Re: Kaido bullet test with Carbine and 8".
« Last post by old fogey on Today at 08:40:42 PM »
Omni, personally I'd recommend having all your cylinders' chambers bored to .4535" (which would pretty much fill the bore of your barrel, whether Pietta or Uberti), but I think we've covered that ground before iirc.
General Discussion / Re: Navy Arms nipples
« Last post by Hawg on Today at 07:13:29 PM »
Thanks Fingers that's what I was looking for. _l
General Discussion / Re: Navy Arms nipples
« Last post by Fingers McGee on Today at 06:43:12 PM »
IINM, Uberti changed nipple size around 1980 (??)  from the short Pietta (M6 x .75 x .500 Long) to the current Uberti M5.5 x .9 Th. x .501 Long.  Current Pietta nipples are 6x.75mm Th x .520 Long
General Discussion / Re: Navy Arms nipples
« Last post by mike116 on Today at 05:47:34 PM »
I have a couple older Uberti made revolvers that use 6.0 x .75mm nipples.   This is the same size that Pietta uses currently I believe.   I just bought a set of 6.0 x .75 nipples from DD,  they were labeled as fitting Pietta revolvers but fit my 1969 Uberti.
General Discussion / Navy Arms nipples
« Last post by Hawg on Today at 04:37:29 PM »
I saw on another forum where a guy wa sasking what size nipples to use on a G&U sold by Navy Arms and he gave the dimensions which work out to a 6 MM x .75 which according to the chart the Possibles shop has is a Pietta nipple. So those of you with Navy Arms revolvers both old and new what size nips does your take? I'm just wondering if Uberti changed the size from the old G&U or if Navy Arms wanted all the guns they sold to use the same nips.
Powder / Re: home madepowder
« Last post by KapundBall on Today at 12:36:06 AM »
Good charcoal for black powder comes from willow, alder, and hazel. In fact, the type of willow, alder, and hazel will have substantial impact on powder quality. Bone charcoal will be virtually unusable as it lacks the volatiles level of gas.

Below is a link to a char suitability table:
Spiller & Burr / Re: Knuckle buster
« Last post by SUZUKIBRUCE on April 24, 2017, 11:51:51 PM »
my piettas are fine and dont whack my knuckle but those 2 70's era ubertis i have really kick the hell out of it even with RB loads, .45colt loads really hurt!!!
Spiller & Burr / Re: Knuckle buster
« Last post by Hewy on April 24, 2017, 11:05:43 PM »
The gun is new from Dixie Gun Works, I just took grip panels off a few days ago.
Pietta ..............ah (o&
Spiller & Burr / Re: Knuckle buster
« Last post by G Dog on April 24, 2017, 10:22:03 PM »
Spiller & Burr / Re: I should stay off this site.
« Last post by G Dog on April 24, 2017, 10:12:56 PM »
Getting friends and family “in as deep as we are” IS the right path, Captain.  Pure Christian missionary’in is what I call it.  I even enabled and facilitated my own boys; their first one was free too.  They’re good and hooked now and so are their friends.  It’s just a matter of spreading the BP kerygma good news by precept and example.  I’m glad I always done it and just want everybody to have a great time. 

So, if a guy’s truck breaks down and he can’t afford to get it fixed and then gets kicked out of his trailer for nonpayment of rent … at least he will still have his guns! Priorities first and good sound advice - those are the watchwords around here.

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