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So there´s good news and bad news.

For starters,i´ve about run this thing into the ground. About tried every load,and within reason,various powders as well as bullets of various weights.

What came to though was about as reliable as a Colt. Cap residue would bind the thing you won´t believe.

One legged chicken...? Nah. Not really. I just took to heart what MIGHT be the culprit why i´ve added material to the cylinder cutout per OEM specs.
As the gun somewhere along the line was converted to a cartridge gun the rear aperture/corners of the cylinder opening had been filed to 90deg angles instead of the stock rounding off.

What i presume has happend here is that thus the cap residue gets somewhere to go WITHIN the frame,and true enough them residues would go between the rear cylinder facia and the frame,in effect binding the revolver up.

Well. A stocker sure as hell doesn´t and as i built the gun back into being a cap n ball gun i had NO idea what so ever along these lines. Goes to show you i guess!!

So out the welder came and i´m still in the process of leveling all this out. We´ll get there shortly though,and i truly expect this to be the remedy of the situation.

That aside i have to say that the gun in itself has shown me that it indeed is an accurate gun and...when no cap leftovers binds it up it is one serious piece of machinery.
The birds head grip for instance makes the thing a natural pointer if ever. At least to me it does.

In turn.
Loading ram setup. Having played around with this a tad...i´m starting to fail to see a reason for a permanent such installed to the gun what so ever.
Leverage needed to ram the bullets home simply brings that this HAS to be attended to otherwise. As is i´ve simply installed the cylinder into the chromed 58 of mine to load it up.

Hm. I STILL however,from a looks point of view,think the Remington "sail" needs to be in there somehow. If so as dead weight,i don´t care.
A separate means of loading the thing up is called for. Either a piece of drift with set measures (a´la NE´s line of thought) OR a setup that hooks into a pair of fulcrum points.
Now..the beauty here is that the one doesn´t exclude the other.
I´ll leave it with that for the moment.
1858 Remington Revolvers / An attempt at a Sheriffs?
« Last post by Racing on Today at 08:46:40 PM »
For various reasons i dug up an 1858 for new found friend Stefan.
Him off to pick this thing up,a 61 xxx serial deal,and as he does the seller asks if he might be interested in yet another one.

Just..this one modified beyond belief and no workie,so Stefan calls me up...sends me a couple of pics over the phone..i haggle the living behemoth out of the deal and...

At first i thought this thing had a Colt barrel on right,that someone went through the effort of turning one to fit. On closer inspection that barrel was stock alright,and someone had cut it for a Colt front sight and loading ram latch.
Why that is?
No friggin idea what so ever guys. No matter,i bought the thing and thought to myself that...why the hell not. See,i´ve been "kinda" pleased with the snub of mine,more on that in that thread tho.

Anyways. Didn´t work,and this due to the the hand being brand new and so was the bolt. Just the bolt wasn´t for an original...yadda yadda.
Replaced the bolt with one for a stocker and now the thing wouldn´t turn,as the hand was to tall. Ground that down...and we were good to go.

Let the barrel hit the lathe,as did the cylinder,to clean it up in general. Handing it a proper forcing cone,flat surfaces and new guys know the drill by now.
That done i in all haste this morning silver soldered a replacement front sight for a San Marco on there..and went shooting.

Thing runs like a freight train  ])M !
What´s there to add?!?

So. Seing that,it´s a 44 cal btw,i tried to get a grip on my options here...and the thing is that i´m REALLY pleased with that snub i´ve put together previously.
Oooooon the other hand i really hate to repeat myself. Buuuuut ya know guys..that snub of mine really DOES fit the ticket. Anyways. Took to cleaning the surfaces of that thing up a whole bit,it is by far one of the most neglected 1858 frames i´ve seen, actually does. Clean up that is.

So. Cutting the frame back 22mm or not,as per the other one? I´ve reasoned that back n forth here in front of the TV tonight and...answer is yes.
Yes it will have it´s frame cut back by that much.

Birds head too? Might very well be boys. Where we´re at this is a lot like a lump of modeling clay right now...nothing set really.

As is i´m just really really happy that the crapshoot of mine turned sunny side up! Cause..again..this thing just runs. Basically no matter what you toss at it.

Speaking of which. NE!!!
I for one can´t but agree. Shorter barrel lengths means Triple 7. It really IS that simple. I´ve played around with bullet weights from our regular round ball 14x grains to Kaidos 255 ones and..the net result comes out the same the entire time.

In short,if you´re to run a short barreled Remmy Triple 7 is the goods...
1858 Remington Revolvers / Re: Custom? Bah,THIS is custom!
« Last post by Racing on Today at 08:30:12 PM »
What i was at one point promised couldn´t happen,or wouldn´t at any measure what so ever,did.
All the pics are still there,on the server. It´s just that some schmuck took to "modernizing" the setup,changing every URL there is.

In short i guess i´ll have to backtrack this somehow (read-lack of time ATM) to tidy this mess up.

Rest assured though. I´m still here,and live and kicking  (k-

Welcome Wagon / Re: Hi Ya'll
« Last post by Calibre32 on Today at 04:55:08 PM »
Welcome from Central Florida.........Jim
Welcome Wagon / Re: Hi Ya'll
« Last post by rowdyjoe on Today at 12:52:56 PM »
Howdy, and welcome from Wisconsin! It sounds like you are well on your way to getting what you need (want) in the line of equipment. We all like pictures, especially of refurbished guns.

Thanks Mazo.  Unfortunately, I haven't taken any pictures of my rifle but, there's not much to see really.  The only cosmetic part is the barrel that I coated with DuraCoat.  The rest was just replacement parts.  They are fairly simple machines.  However, I do need to take a few pics and I'll post them here when I do. 

I've also begun molding my own RB and conicals (pistol).  Haven't shot any conicals yet 'cause it's been too dang hot to go to the range. 
We're supposed to get a small reprieve from the 100+ temps next week.  They say it will be in the high 90's ....WOW !  break out the long-johns.  :)
The RB shoot well with 30gr of Goex and a prelubed wad behind them. 

A card wad between the lubed felt and the powder will help, but for real reliability in a gun that's loaded long-term, load it dry, and make sure the nipples are dry inside and out.  Do that, and unless you have extreme humidity I assure you the gun will fire with full impulse after sitting loaded for several years.

I make my own egg crate wads and when i load a cylinder for long term storage i don't lube the wads at all.
Caps / Re: number 10's Pietta vs new Uberti
« Last post by Omnivore on July 21, 2018, 07:36:51 PM »
The caps are of current production, purchased at Cabella's, long after after the Big Obama Gun Rush.  Everyone was out of them for months and months and I got these when they came available again, so I know they're of new production.  The tins don't saying anything about "New" or "More Powerful" but if I recall correctly the clam-shell packaging did say something like that.  I always take the tins out of that wall-hanger package, so as they can be stored in a smaller space.  I'm assuming that there is currently only one version of the Remington #10 being produced.

Tomorrow I'll go out and fire off all the charges that are currently in the spare cylinders, then clean, dry, reload and cap them, so they'll be starting out fresh, all at the same time.  They've all been sitting at least a year with charges in them, but no caps (I don't usually store them capped).

I expect they'll all fire properly tomorrow, but that's not really the test we're talking about-- for one thing the chambers haven't been capped at all, and for another thing they're all loaded with black powder, and for another, some of them have lube cookies under the bullet.

(In testing paper cartridge recipes, I've crammed in a bunch of random loads, to see which cartridge cases "pre-fit" into the chambers, and what load volumes fit the bullet fully below the cylinder face.  Most of these loaded cylinders are of that type-- various charges, various bullets, and various lube arrangements.  There may even be some T7 in some, but I never marked them simply because that wasn't the intent at the time.  It was all about what fit right and what didn't.)
Welcome Wagon / Re: Hi Ya'll
« Last post by mazo kid on July 21, 2018, 03:56:00 PM »
Howdy, and welcome from Wisconsin! It sounds like you are well on your way to getting what you need (want) in the line of equipment. We all like pictures, especially of refurbished guns.
Accoutrements / Re: Where to buy powder flask?
« Last post by Capnball on July 21, 2018, 02:01:20 PM »
G-dog, your location was starting to sound like you live near me, as a Bull and her honey are just down the road, and some of the other people sound like some around here (Ky.)  Getting back on topic, i also have been looking for a nice flask and don't want the generic modern day junk with three screw, etc. I am going to pick up an original antique one at a funshow, as i always see a few and they are a bit pricey. I am a master at bartering and will get the price down to Earth before i buy. I will post pics when it happens, probably no time soon.
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