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1858 Remington Revolvers / Re: Muuuuhaaaahaaahaaaa!!
« Last post by G Dog on Today at 03:23:54 PM »
Professor (always) mumbles good information and Racing is up to some very interesting R&D, again.  Hawg sounds happier than he useta was.  It seems married life agrees with him.

Is the brass that Pietta uses for their brass frame pistols an alloy?  It may be an industrial proprietary secret but does anyone know the composition of Pietta brass?  Measured in psi I wonder how strong (tensile strength) it’s been measured to be relative to the “55,000 psi of common Italian steel“.

...the bore slugs at .4515.

I assume that by "bore" in this case you really mean "groove diameter".  I'm curious what the actual bore diameter is, and whether the rifling is six or seven groove.

McMaster Carr, among others, sells finishing reamers in half thousandth increments in that range, but I'd probably start with a .452" reamer, having a .453" reamer on hand, and see how it goes.

I once had a "gunsmith" (after many years of experience, I am now impelled to put that word in scare quotes) tell me that he had a metal cartridge revolver with a rough forcing cone.  He decided to polish it up real nice, and then, he says, the accuracy went to pot.  His theory was that the rough cone was helping the bullet obturate into the rifling sooner, and that with the smooth cone it didn't happen so well.  That's a nice theory and all, but then my response would be, perhaps he needed a different bullet or a bigger or a softer bullet, or a magnum primer to shorten the pressure rise time, or, or, or....  Point being, there are many variables which affect accuracy, and although you may be focusing on one or two of those factors, there may be three or four more in need of attention.

Replacing the barrel is probably a good idea though, and I'm looking forward to the range report on this one.
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: What's going on today?
« Last post by Pustic on Today at 11:08:44 AM »
Just staying inside playing ham radio and pissing off libtards on Facebook.  ])M
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: What's going on today?
« Last post by Pustic on Today at 11:06:51 AM »
WOW! It snowed some last night.
It snowed here too.  _l
Yup, it's a sad, sad day.  :'(     (?^
One difference between the percussion barrel and the conversion barrel is, the conversion barrel is  .035 larger across the flats at the breech end. About .015 has to be removed from the bottom flat to allow the cylinder pin to be installed. The conversion barrel also has less taper to the octagon by about .015 total over the length of the barrel ( 5 1/2 inch barrel )

Other than that, it looks like the conversion barrel is going to work fine. ----------------------- GeezerD
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: What's going on today?
« Last post by Mad Dog Stafford on Today at 05:30:56 AM »
WOW! It snowed some last night.
I didn't know this.

RIP Boo Boo.
1858 Remington Revolvers / Re: Muuuuhaaaahaaahaaaa!!
« Last post by prof marvel on Today at 03:06:18 AM »
Use the 3D printer to print cylinders and frames out of a combustible plastic like close-cell foam.

Then use the pieces as forms for lost-foam casting.

Cast them up using Manganese Bronze which has a tensile strength of up to 110,000 psi ( vs 55,000 psi of common italian steel)

prf mumbles
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Mad Dog, your favorite dog done kicked the bucket
« Last post by Pustic on January 19, 2019, 04:05:08 PM »
G Dog, I'm sure Sam will take it pretty hard, crying his eyes out.  :'( But after a few swigs of whiskey, he'll be ok.  (.A Let's just hope he doesn't repost all of those loving hideous pictures of Boo Boo.  ])M  (?^
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