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Projectiles / Re: The problem with shooting conical bullets
« Last post by Omnivore on Today at 05:15:28 PM »
CPD; that is a nice-looking revolver.  If you have a Lyman style lube-sizer, you can size that bullet down to .450" for your Uberti chambers (that's what mine measure anyway - you'd need to measure yours), then swap out the sizing die for an under-sized one (I think I'm using a .430" or .432" die for "heeling" but the bullet doesn't enter the smallest portion of the die - only the taper at the top), install the gas check seating insert to limit depth, and punch the bullet down to form a taper in the 45 ACP bullet base.  It's pretty easy once you get it set up the first time.  That should allow the same bullet load easy enough on the gun, even with that shortened loading lever.
At The Range / Re: 2nd trip to the range
« Last post by Frankenstein on Today at 04:18:37 PM »
I just ordered a walker.  Addiction, indeed.  (That IS an amazing price!)

I envision at least three. The 1858 I have. A walker, and the 1860 colt.  Thing is, I feel I need /deserve / just want an 1858 with a conversion kit as well. Of course an 1858 goes well with a Schofield and a SAA.

Addiction is not pretty, folks.  (?^ )L$ ->i

There's a really good deal on the Walker via gunbroker right now.

Figure these normal sell for $370 at Midway or $450 at Cabela's. 
I'd buy one these if I wasn't on vacation at the moment.
1858 Remington Revolvers / Uberti 1858 Blackrock model
« Last post by Capnball on Today at 03:53:53 PM »
Anyone have any experience with the Blackrock finish? Is it internally treated as well? Is the action any smoother than the blued model?
1858 Remington Revolvers / Re: Real 1858 Remington
« Last post by Omnivore on Today at 01:53:37 PM »
That DOES look nice.  So; we have to get our originals from Italy also...   :P
VERY nice! Under two inches, and a pretty near full load too.  80 grains at 1040; that's 192 ft lbs and it's just a shade under the 380 Automatic.  With a 100 or 110 grain bullet I think it will exceed the 380, thoughbeit from a longer barrel.

I believe that's a keeper.

Under 8 MOA; I say you should be trying it at 100 yards, just for kicks.

I have only one gun that's done almost as well so far at 25, and it's a Uberti 36 also (a Colt '62 Police) and it did it with the Accurate Molds 38-100C bullet.
Very nice group! Have you tried any groups at 50yds.? You must of been resting that revolver for that group?

Actually, I was shooting one-handed, standing on one foot, with my tongue tied to my ear...
(just kidding) ;)

Shooting from seated rest, arms resting on the bag. Only way to see what a load can really do.
Welcome Wagon / Re: Hello all! New pietta owner from Texas
« Last post by rowdyjoe on Today at 12:30:16 PM »
I think you only need an approved "magazine" if you store 25+ lbs.  I don't store nearly that much so, I just use a short steel cabinet with a positive locking handle.  I also use metal ammo cans for BP and caps/primers inside the cabinet.  Academy puts them on sale for $10 ea. once in a while and gun show prices are usually good. 

The Academy nearest me is almost worthless for BP supplies but, they do carry the BP substitute.  No caps, wads, etc. that I've found and the employees aren't very helpful. 

The nearest Cabela's (off North 35W) carries a lot of stuff but, it's so far from me (through Hwy construction on the north side of FtW) I have to pack a lunch, put double anti-freeze in my truck, and take out a bank loan for gas (for sitting in traffic).  :)  I only go there when I'm desperate.
1858 Remington Revolvers / Re: Real 1858 Remington
« Last post by LonesomePigeon on Today at 10:29:27 AM »
Nice condition indeed.
That said, you can form a heel, or speaking more technically accurate, a tapered base, on any soft lead bullet if you use a Lyman/RCBS style lube sizer with an undersized die and the gas check seating insert to limit depth.  Here's how I do it;,10093.0.html

So you COULD use 45 Colt bullets but only if they fit in your gun's loading window and only if you "heel" them as in the link above.  The bevel-base bullets won't really help, and in fact I'd probably avoid them.  I got a 45 ACP hollowpoint mold last winter and I use it exclusively in percussion 44s, "heeled" as above, with a form-fit loading rammer in the gun that preserves the relatively fragile HP nose shape during seating.  That's getting a bit "fiddley" for someone just starting with conicals though.

Do you cast your own, or are you interesting in casting?  If so, then that Lee bullet mentioned several times in my previous comment is probably your best bet, although you will likely need to modify the gun's loading window at least slightly.  The Lee mold is also the cheapest mold you can get new, as it's only around twenty-something dollars, and that bullet will load OK as-cast, i.e. without sizing.  There are several threads on this forum talking about the loading window modification process.

Trading your Pietta for an Uberti is another way of getting a gun that's ready to go for that Lee bullet as well as a bunch of other conicals.  Another benefit of the Uberti is that it comes with a drift-adjustable (dovetailed) front sight.
That’s a really useful post.  Thank you. I was in fact thinking of the 45LC Bullets. You have saved me that hassle. My gun is a pietta, so your info helps me avoid many hassles.
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