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Former Admin:
July 06, 2011, 12:39:31 PM

Here's a thread to discuss all types of gear and equipment you use to make it happen

Former Admin:
July 06, 2011, 12:57:11 PM

all right the shack! hey do any you guys use camaflouge for deer hunting? ive heard that deer are colorblid and cant see colors anywayb but i really dont know as every deer ive ever had a chance to ask just laid there with their tounges hanging out and acted like they didnt hear me! i dont use camo and cant tell that im getting less deer than those who do so i dont usually spend money on camo as i already have clothes! i usually hunt in my old field jacket and jeans, btw its one of the older jackets that are solid olive,not the camo ones

July 06, 2011, 01:01:10 PM

All my deer hunting has been in blaze with the exception of archery. I use camo for the archery hunting. Even if blaze wasn't a requirement I'd still wear it during gun season...too many blind crazies. :D

Former Admin:
July 06, 2011, 01:10:41 PM

no doubt ,my wife keeps tellin me to wear orange since my neighbors tan dog got shot 2 years ago during deer season! someone just shot at some brown!

Rock Island:
July 06, 2011, 04:51:21 PM

The wife is right, wear the dam orange.  A friend of mine was blown away by two hunters up from the city while he was clearing brush in his yard, they saw tan and thought he was a deer.  He died in the arms of a State Trooper before the chopper got there, a 12 gauge slug in his chest, only sheer toughness kept him alive for 12 minutes after the shooting, long enough to pass on messages to his wife and little girl.  That wake was among the worst several hours of my life, listening to that little girl ask her catatonic mother over and over whens daddy gonna get here.  The hunters were charged with tresspassing, discharge of a weapon within a thousand feet of a dwelling, and a few other small offenses, the shooter attempted suicide when he saw what he had done and had to be restrained, and then hospitalized.  Dam woods around here are to congested with city hunters for me to think about going out, these days I restrict myself to pesky tree rats, and any 'coon stupid enough to hit my trash cans twice.  When I did go out I wore my Fillson double Mackinaw with a red and black lumberjack pattern, and an orange hat.  The coat shrank in storage.....yea, that's it's stored away.  I get plenty of good meat from my surviving friends who hunt upstate.  As for my guns, I am a traditionalist, no fancy gear, 1940's era Winchester 1894 .30-30, A couple of Stevens Double 12 gauges , and of course my .22's.  Of late I seem to be collecting vintage pump shotguns, but I never hunted with these.

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