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Report on the S&G
« on: January 10, 2012, 08:23:52 PM »
A bit late getting around to posting this, but I did make it up to my buddies place a while back to grab some .380 balls from him so i could shoot the newly acquired pistol. Well, he was not home so I helped myself to his work shop to look for some, and try as I might, could not find any. However, I found his .380 mould, so out the door I headed with it and the next day ran 300 balls with it. Afterwards, I put 36 rounds through the S & G.

I am glad to report that POI is right on for windage and elevation is just 2'' high at the 15/20 yard range. Was real tickled that it did not shoot a mile high. After shooting two different six shot groups on paper off hand at both 15 and 20 yards, I shot the remaining 24 rounds at my metal gongs. A pure joy it is to shoot. Lots of clanging took place. For an ASM, I have no complaints thus far about the reliability and functioning and the face lift that I gave it makes the little popper that much more enjoyable to own.

Sorry that I did not take any pics on the day that I shot it. Truth is, snapping a few pics never crossed my mind that day. Of course, could be that you all are getting tired of looking at my same ol pics by now anyway.

I told myself that I was not gonna set this pistol aside and not shoot it regularly like I do with some of my other guns, but the truth is, that it exactly what will probably happen. Regardless, it will get picked up on a regular basis along with the others and fiddled with and get the occasional wipedown. It has remained setting on my load bench just as it has done since I first got it, but I am sure that it will be tucked away with some of the others soon and spend time out of sight and out of mind.

I am already thinking at this time of obtaining a third CSA replica revolver as Fingers suggested. Been tossing around the idea between a Spiller & Burr, Dance Bros., or a Leech & Rigdon. Think I may have a touch of the Indy4570 disease coming on.
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