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« on: June 09, 2018, 10:29:09 AM »
Here are a couple I own. The onion shaped one was made in 1951 by Mark Burnham from Savannah, Ga. I think it was 5 of 265 [ what he engraved on the side. You turn it clockwise to the amount of powder you want, then returned counter clockwise and one more complete revolution to throw the charge. The other small one I bought at Friendship in the 70's. There's a place for RB's or Bullets and on the bottom a place for whatever you want - caps or patches. It's nice for hunting. The big one is for what - I don't know. Probably a rifle. The spout is adjustable. Hold it down and turn the tip to throw whatever charge you want. I'd sell that one if someone is interested.

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Re: Flasks
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Some very nice flasks!

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Re: Flasks
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Some very nice flasks!

+1 on that !!

I don't own any flasks besides plastic......but that's about to change
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