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Sheriff Langston:
January 22, 2018, 11:16:44 AM

Sorry I've been away a bit I thought the forum had taken a nap & just found it again today.

I tried paper carts & frankly it was too tedious for me, but I still wanted a bit of a speed improvement.
Here's my “clever” solution for a el-cheapo fix.
The individual components will vary a little depending on bore size & powder charge, but this works for 30 gr of fffG & a .45 (probably .50 as well) bore. To increase the max charge simply cut a longer tube.

The button plugs form the sealed base & are simply glued in & left to harden. Make sure you use a glue that sets “hard” not tacky.
The big-bore drinking straws from the supermarket are used for both the powder tube & as a seal for the top which is made from the dowel pins. The length is worked out for your max charge, by simply dumping that much powder in & measuring the height to which it fills. Now add the seating depth you want for the plug & cut away.
Also cut as many short pieces as you need (maybe one or two, you want a snug fit) for the stopper & cut lengthwise for a “C shaped seal.
Glue the sealers to the dowel pin, offsetting the inside one a tad higher than the outer one. This is the trick for getting the snug reusable fit.

To use simply stand the open tubes in a loading block of some kind, measure & dump the desired charge weight & insert the “cap” with a twisting motion. To reload the fired chamber just pull the plug, pop the cap & with the muzzle UP pour the powder in! Now add a wad (if you want to) & a RB & ram home! That's it!

I dump the caps & empty tubes back in my shooting pouch & sort the rest out later at home. You might want the caps a little shorter than I do but I left them long both because they fit in the pouch this way & I can grab them even in thick winter gloves.


January 22, 2018, 12:05:52 PM

Welcome back home, Sheriff
Interesting solution.

G Dog:
January 22, 2018, 01:28:01 PM

Hi Sheriff, good to see you back in town.  That’s an ingenious solution.  Except for the Slurpee gauge big bore straws all the components are on hand here.  I’ll get some of those tubes and give your great idea a try.

Sheriff Langston:
January 22, 2018, 03:09:28 PM

Do you have a Wally-World?

January 22, 2018, 06:14:10 PM

Interesting variation on the loading tube!  I use the quick reloading tubes for the 50 caliber rifle, when hunting, where only one or two shots, if any, will be fired in a day.  It's much handier than carrying a powder horn and measure, especially since those tubes also carry the patched ball and the cap, and serve as a short starter.  Dry patches, ram rod tips and such are carried on the rifle inside the patchbox, and thus there's no more need for a possibles bag.  Extra caps reside in a capper on a lanyard around the neck.

For revolvers, wherewith dozens of shots will be fired in a single outing, I use paper carts almost exclusively, but I suppose I've made that case plenty already.

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