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Author Topic: Fifty round belt box for paper cartridges  (Read 4824 times)

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Re: Fifty round belt box for paper cartridges
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Some time, far in the future, some enterprising kid is going to discover a brand new concept called a "carburetor" and he'll hook it up to an internal combustion engine, along with a high voltage coil and a set of contact points.  He'll then build it all into a basic chassis with only basic functions (very few of them electric, much less computerized) and it'll be so cheap and reliable that he'll become a trillionaire selling them.  Hundreds of millions of people who couldn't afford such a luxury as a personal motor vehicle, much less care for one, will suddenly be driving them (or flying them) all over the place.

This is why I drive a 1968 Chevy V8 pick up and a 1966 VW Beetle.
Simple, reliable inexpensive to own and operate. (T^
Better to be gettin , than gettin got.