By Smokey

I have recently found out that I have an acute case of the black powder disease. Considering my obsession with the 1858 Remington revolver, it was no surprise when I was diagnosed with a specific strain of the disease called Remingtonitus. The disease dooms one to a lifelong obsession with the 1858 Remington pistol.Symptoms include:Justified attitude of superiority in black powder revolvers
Not only constantly obsessing over Remmies one owns, but lusting after pictures of Remmies belonging to another
Eating, sleeping, even having sex with ones trusty Remmies strapped on or at least within reaching distance
Preference of the Remmy over all other handguns, black powder or modern
Constant burning desire to acquire more Remmies
This list is incomplete. If anyone has further information on symptoms of this disease please post them here.

As for cures and treatments, don’t bother posting any because none of them work. They are false cures, placing the disease stricken person into a state of denial and gives them false hope. There is no cure. Acquiring more Remmies is the only form of relief for the infected.

I am dying of the disease. If anyone has any unwanted Remmies, I would be eternally grateful for some relief.

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