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The 1858 Remington Forum | It’s More Than Just a Name

Lots of folks hear the name 1858 Remington Forum and automatically assume the forum focus is limited to just the legendary 1858 Remington black powder revolver. Actually, the 1858 Remington forum is about every facet of the black powder madness and even more. ...

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Remington Superiority

I’ve been asked by many which is my favorite gun and why…and many times the answer varies, depending on how I’m feeling at the moment. But many seem surprised when they ask which is the “best” gun I own, and I tell them the Reming...

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The Brasser Phenomenon: Proof of Remington Over Colt Design Superiority

Do you want proof of the superiority of 1858 Remington revolver design? Here’s an experiment for you. That is, if you happen to own a brass framed 1858 Remington pistol and a brass framed Colt, both of which are in at least good condition. Load both revo...

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I have recently found out that I have an acute case of the black powder disease. Considering my obsession with the 1858 Remington revolver, it was no surprise when I was diagnosed with a specific strain of the disease called Remingtonitus. The disease dooms on...

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